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Featuring the best in all things Supply Chain: the people, the technologies, the best practices, and the critical issues of the day.

In partnership with Business RadioX we bring you Supply Chain Now Radio, powered by APICS Atlanta.  Broadcasting live from the Supply Chain Capital of the East Coast, Atlanta, Georgia.  Supply Chain Now Radio is a monthly discussion on Supply Chain-related topics and trends impacting Metro Atlanta, the Southeast, and the Supply Chain community in general. 

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Supply Chain Now Radio episodes



supply chain now radio- february 2018

Supply Chain Now Radio- March 2018

Supply Chain Now Radio webinars

April 18, 2018- "Five Things You Can Do This Week to Reduce Inventory" featuring Fred Tolbert- Register Here

May 8, 2018- "Managing Your Metrics: Making Sure Your Measurements Deliver the Desired Results" featuring Kelly Barner- Register Here

May 22, 2018- "The Ultimate Measure of Customer Value: Tackling the Amazon Effect" featuring Richard Sharpe- REGISTER HERE

May 23, 2018- "Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics" featuring Luther Brown and David Maddox- REGISTER HERE

June 19, 2018- "The Retail Hangover: Returns and Reverse Logistics" featuring Tony Sciarrotta- REGISTER HERE

June 26, 2018- "Center of Excellence: Powered by Advanced Analytics" featuring Reitze de Graaf- register here

July 10, 2018- "How to Effectively Identify, Manage, and Mitigate Risks in the End-to-End Supply Chain" featuring Carlo Peters- register here


"16 Ways Your Leadership Approach Can Kill Innovation in the Supply Chain" featuring Kim Moore LISTEN HERE

"Lead the People - Manage the Process" featuring Beau Groover listen here

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